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The Hippocampe beach wheelchair gives access to the beach and all outdoor activities. It can be used on your own or accompanied thanks to the push bar. It rolls over sandy beaches and the users can enter the water and bathe on their own.  

The Hippocampe is a new type of outdoor all terrain/beach wheelchair. It provides access to the Beach/Water sports and other outdoor arenas including winter activities.

Designed for use by all persons including wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. A push bar kit allows assistance when required.

The perfect partner for family and friends   to enjoy the outdoors.

Its new look and eye-catching silhouette make it the ideal accessory for the more restfully inclined to enjoy an outdoor life whilst the more energetic can enjoy the thrills of water sports. The Hippocampe outdoor wheelchair has already won several awards.

The low seat of the Hippocampe beach wheelchair makes it simple to transfer oneself between the ground and the chair. At only 31 lbs (14 kg), it is light and floats in the water (as will each of its component parts).  All its parts are sand and water resistant and its aluminium tubes are sleeved to stop them getting hot in the sun.

A major innovation is the double width wheels designed to make movement on
sand easier. There′s no longer any need for massive arm muscles to move round the beach in complete freedom!

It complies with the requirements of the French "Handicap law" for public establishments : pools, hotels, thalassotherapy, camping ground, Bed & Breakfast, kinesitherapy.

  • Dimensions:

  • Width: Seat = 42 cm (16.5 inches) - Overall width = 67 cm (26.4 inches)

  • Height: Clearance = 5 cm (2 inches)

  • Wheelchair Length:

  • Size S = 118 cm (46.5 inches)

  • Size M = 128 cm (50.4 inches)

  • Size L/XL = 153 cm (60 inches)

Hippocampe beach wheelchair with tilting seat +push bar  +tow handle: price on request                                4 sizes: S, M, L, XL

                 + shipping: 150 EUR VAT incl. (UK, Eire)





  Video beach and sea wheelchair

 Video snow and ski wheelchair


Ski kit: Clip the ski kit under the wheelchair’s front wheel and swish over the snow. With this new accessory, take advantage of winter leisure activities with your Hippocampe snow wheelchair: snowshoeing and visiting snowbound landscapes...         

Ski kit: price on request  Brochure  


hippocampe plage avec kit ski AV/AR

Rear ski Kit: Take off the rear wheels and replace them by the rear ski kit. The normal rear wheels come with the wheelchair anyway.  Rear ski Kit: price on request




Large wheels: Provide for rolling over fine sand with ease. 

Large wheels: price on request  Brochure  



 Brakes: Pivoting parking brake, it facilitates transfers.

 Brakes: price on request   Brochure  



Carrying tote: A tote for carrying the disassembled Hippocampe wheelchair to store it, put it away, or protect it. It is also ideal for plane travel.  Carrying tote:  price on request  Brochure  


Armrests: these new armrests allow you to place your arms comfortably and can also serve as mud-flaps. Pivoting and retractable they will not hinder the process of moving to your usual wheelchair. Armrests: price on request  Brochure  


Safety harness: The neoprene harness is covered with Lycra. Elastic and comfortable, it is water-resistant. This new harness is available in men’s and women’s models.

Safety harness:  price on request  Brochure  

                              Safety belt: The nylon safety belt is comfortable and water-resistant. 

                        Safety belt:  price on request 


Headrest: This headrest adjusts in numerous positions and is covered with a closed-cell water-resistance foam that adapts to the user’s size and position.                                                                                                                                                       Headrest:  price on request  Brochure  


Backpack: Thanks to this little carrier bag, which can be fitted onto all our wheelchairs, you can take all your swimming equipment or personal items with you wherever you go (mask, snorkel, goggles...).

Backpack:  price on request  Brochure  


Tilting and adjustable backrest: price on request






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