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Swimming is the sport most practiced by people with disabilities since it allows most people to use their motor abilities in a weightless situation. 

Unfortunately, it is rare to find pools equipped with one or more pool wheelchairs providing access to the dressing room, showers, footbath, and access to a pool with a ramp or small steps to avoid the problems related to using a standard wheel chair in humid areas and preventing multiple transfers from a wheelchair to an often poorly adapted plastic chair.

With the Hippocampe swimming pool wheelchair, you can move freely about the pool without using your standard wheelchair or getting it wet and, avoiding hygiene problems related to having outside wheelchairs near pools. 

Hippocampe pool wheelchair is used at private pools as well.



The Hippocampe pool wheelchair gives access to all people with disabilities to the swimming pool. 

It complies with the requirements of the French "Handicap law" for public establishments : pools, hotels, thalassotherapy, camping ground, Bed & Breakfast, kinesitherapy.

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The Hippocampe pool wheelchair  which is built to resist water, can be borrowed from the changing room and accompany you under the shower. It is easy to handle. Equipped with a front directional wheel, it paces up and down the lane of the swimming pool and goes everywhere. With its seat made from hydrophobic foam (closed cells), it does not fear water and it provides you with optimum comfort

To have access to the pool, three solutions are possible: either you get off by the slope access then you heave yourself up out of the wheelchair which floats, or you stop the Hippocampe pool wheelchair (with the help of the brakes), you transfer yourself to the ground near to the water then enter the pool or with the help of a third-person, get off the pool stairs to reach the water.




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